Welcome to GolfNovum.de

Our primary goal is to connect golf and health in a way that combines new approaches, current knowledge and unconventional methods.

A further goal of Golf Novum is to bring together people to whom golf and health are important, to transfer knowledge and to create and promote a dialogue that goes beyond the everyday to allow different perspectives on golf in connection with health.

Parallel to the work of golf pros, we seek to build up a deep understanding of physical connections and anatomical functions and discuss these findings with them. Depending on the situation, that might relate to acute injury, a preventative measure or a targeted training measure.
In order to be able to efficiently achieve our goals, we have opted for a three-part organisational structure. This is divided into three thematic domains:

a. Operational domain

b. Communications domain

c. Golf Novum network

Our customers include professionals, clubs, business customers, groups and individuals.

The central planks of our philosophy are flexibility and customer-oriented action with a focus on the particular needs of the individual or group.

Our offering ranges from individual treatments to workshops and lectures at conferences and symposia. Taken together, they make up the "GOLF HEALTH CONNECTION"